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With a little knowledge about basic auto parts, you can handle your car’s maintenance on your own. Here is a list of the most commonly auto parts and an explanation of each.

  • Air filters – your air filter can influence everything from your gas mileage to how pleasant your car’s cabin smells when you travel. We offer a wide selection of filters to help keep yours up to par.
  • Gauges – We can also help you maximize the performance of your vehicle by offering aftermarket gauges. The more you know about what’s going on underneath your hood, the more in control you will be during spirited driving.
  • Cooling system – did you know at any given time there are over 6,000 fiery explosions occurring every minute in the average six-cylinder engine? Needless to say, this generates an enormous about of heat that needs to be taken away from the engine to keep the parts from overheating. Check your cooling system frequently.
  • Fans – aside from the obvious function of keeping the cabin cool, fans can also rob your engine of horsepower. With an electric fan from one of our partner dealers, you can minimize the power that is siphoned off your engine by the fan, thereby maximizing performance.

  • Radiator maintenance – almost everyone knows to change the oil in your car every 3,000 miles, but few people know how to properly care for their radiators. Most experts recommend changing the coolant once a year, and some service manuals recommend flushing and refilling the radiator every 24 months. You can find the requisite equipment for these tasks right here on our website!
  • Fuel pumps – most vehicles today are equipped with electrical fuel pumps that are designed to last for the life of the vehicle. If you think your fuel pump needs replacing, this is best done by a professional at an repair shop.
  • Wiper blade upgrade – even the best of performance vehicles won’t do you a bit of good if your visibility is impaired. Worn wiper blades, even if they lead to one moment of impaired visibility, can cause an accident. You can replace and even upgrade your wiper blades here to get the best visibility even in the worst weather conditions.
  • Oil filters – if oil is the lifeblood of a vehicle, then the oil filter is like the liver. It takes in dirty oil, trapping particulates and other impurities. Keeping your oil filter clean is critical to keeping your engine and the rest of the parts under your hood clean. Please visit our auto loans page for information about car financing.

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