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What Brands Of Aftermarket Wheels Are The Best?

What Brands of Aftermarket Wheels Are the Best?

When it comes to upgrading the exterior of your ride, getting a new set of wheels is one of the easiest ways to drastically change your car’s aesthetics with new auto parts, and as any buyer, you’d like to get the best wheels for your vehicle.

What Brands of Aftermarket Wheels Are the Best
What Brands of Aftermarket Wheels Are the Best

Despite there are several wheel manufacturers to choose from, wheels aren’t created the same way. In terms of quality, you usually get what you pay for, and top wheels brands are pretty aware of this.

However, this doesn’t mean that you must blow your budget. The best aftermarket wheels are an excellent option for which you won’t need to shell out a lot of cash. Consider that some insurance policies for your vehicle can also insure some particular aftermarket auto parts. If you’re worried about how aftermarket wheels could affect your ride, you should know it’s only about choosing the best wheel brands among the numerous aftermarket brands available. The result? Great performance, great price. So, what brands of aftermarket wheels are the best? That’s a frequently asked question about auto parts. Here are some of our favorite best aftermarket wheel brands.

Best Aftermarket Wheels
Best Aftermarket Wheels

American Racing Torq Thrust

You’ll definitely recognize the classic Torq Thrust from American Racing if you’re a classic/hot rod fan. Over the years, there’s no doubt you’ve run across a ‘60s Ford Mustang, late ‘50s Chevy Bel Air and other classic cars sporting these classically styled and reasonably priced (between $100 and $200) wheels. Also, they’re available in a broad range of finishes and sizes.

Enkei RP03

To answer what brands of aftermarket wheels are the best, we can’t miss the Enkei RP03. We love its simple five-spoke look reaching to the edge of the rim to make the wheels look even larger. Coming from the Enkei’s racing lineup, the RP03 is large and durable as well as light.

BBS Super RS

Among the best wheel brands, we have to consider this German manufacturer. BBS has provided about every major European and Japanese automaker with original equipment wheels. With its cross-spoke design, this forged-aluminum RS became an icon of performance in the ‘80s and ‘90s. If you want to have a vintage performance look, this wheel is still available as the Super RS, a great and updated version.

American Racing Vector

As loyal fans of Dukes of Hazzard, we’d proudly like to follow their lead and roll around on a set of American Racing Vectors. Despite this wheel will always be associated with the Duke Boy’s Charger, we’ve also seen it over the years on a variety of old American iron.

OZ Racing Ultraleggera

This brand couldn’t be overlooked when answering what brands of aftermarket wheels are the best. A racing wheel needs to do more than just have a great look: it must reduce unsprung weight and provide airflow for cooling while providing enough strength for the track abuse. OZ Racing is well-known for its lightweight wheels, and their latest version of their classic racing wheel, the Ultraleggera (Italian for ultralight), offers great looks and amazing performance.

Best Wheel Brands
Best Wheel Brands

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