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How Can I Maintain My Car Myself?

How Can I Maintain My Car Myself?

If you’re wondering how to maintain a car or how to service your car, there can be many steps involved in it. If you lived with your parents, the chances are that they probably were taking care of your car. When you are living on your own, you need to know how to care for a car. Car maintenance can be time-consuming and expensive, but the investment made can save you much money on expensive repairs.

How Can I Maintain my Car Myself?
How Can I Maintain my Car Myself?

Many young adults don’t know how to take care of a car. About one-third of college students tend to change their oil less than two times every twelve months. Your car won’t take care of itself. You need to know how to take care of your car. Don’t rely on other people to remind you to get your oils changed or tires rotated. Make sure to follow a routine of car maintenance. This will help to ensure your car runs smooth and lasts you a long time. We will cover the fundamentals of car maintenance, so your car runs for a long time. By the end of the article, you won’t have to ask yourself, how can I maintain a car myself.

Three Tips for Maintaining Your Car

If you’re wondering how can I maintain a car myself, follow these three important tips to provide your car with a quick check-up.

1.Clean Windshield

Dirty windshields are considered as a safety hazard since it blocks the view on your window. Make sure to clean your windshields often. Use a gas station squeegee and soak it with a cleaning solution to wipe the windshield. Pull the squeegee starting from the middle to the sides. Then finish it off by pulling it from top to bottom. This is incredibly important after driving on the highway when your windshield gets dirty. Using your vehicle’s fluids and wipers will only smear the dirt or bug carcasses all over your windshield, which obscures your vision. You may have to use the squeegee on your headlights as well.

Now you know the importance of cleaning your windshield. And it’s one step to answering the question: how can I maintain a car myself?

2. Monitor Tire Pressure

Keeping your tire pressure in check will save you money and keep you safe. Tires with the correct pressure will ensure that it stops or is easier to handle than under or over-inflated. The wrong tire pressure can also lead to a tire blowout. Proper tire pressure will improve fuel efficiency and ensure they last for a long time.

Tire temperature fluctuates, and log miles change, so the tire’s pressure needs to be monitored frequently. You will also need to inflate or add air if needed. You may do these steps when doing your routine oil checks or gas fill-ups. You can also consider whether you need to replace all four tires or just two. If you do, you can look into what brands of aftermarket wheels are the best.

Luckily, checking your tire pressure isn’t time-consuming and only takes two minutes. Here’s what you need to do:

● Check your tire pressure, especially when it’s cold. This helps provide a more accurate reading. What I mean is checking them before you begin driving around. It’s best to check them first thing in the morning. If you drive all day, let the tires sit for at least four hours before checking them.

● The owner’s manual will tell you what the right tire pressure will be. Fill up the tire pressure to the recommended tire pressure stated in the manual and do not go up to the maximum PSI. The tire sidewall may state a PSI, but that is to inform you of the maximum pressure needed to handle the heaviest amount of load, not the recommended tire pressure.

● Use the tire gauge to monitor the tire pressure.

● Fill up the tire pressure with air when needed.

3. Track Oil Levels and Top Off if Needed

A car’s performance is heavily reliant on the oil levels. Prevent the parts from wear and tear or grinding by lubricating all of the engine parts. This will prevent the chance of dysfunction in your engine.

The proper oil level will transfer heat from the combustion cycle and send the combustion byproducts to an oil filter. If your vehicle doesn’t have enough oil, your car will be in big trouble.

How Can I Maintain my Car Myself?
How Can I Maintain My Car Myself?

Check your oil frequently to ensure that there’s always enough needed in your car. Sometimes an owner’s manual may suggest that you check the oil every time you fill the gas. However, every other gas fill-up will suffice. It’s also super easy to check your vehicle’s oil level. Just be careful where you check it to avoid dripping oil on your garage floor.  Checking the oil requires draining the oil to the pan and waiting for a few minutes after shutting off the engine. The job requires adequate light and a clean paper towel.

Most vehicles are engineered to have oil consumed between changes. Most manufacturers believe that about a quart out of every one thousand miles is a normal consumption rate.

Another thing you can do is research how long it takes to replace the suspension, if needed.

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